How to Download Pan Card Soft Copy

download PAN card : Income Tax is one of the most important revenue for the Indian Government. All the Indian citizens who earn money through employment or business or by any means has to pay a part of their income as Tax to the government. Whenever we hear the word Income Tax, One would have heard the word PAN or PAN card along with it. Some must be wondering what that PAN or PAN card means. So we can see what is PAN and its necessity and significance in this article

download pan card

What is PAN?

PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. PAN number and PAN card is issued to every Indian citizen who pays Tax, by the Income Tax department of India under section 139A of the Income Tax Act. PAN number is a 10 digit alpha numeric number which looks something like this – ABCPS1234D. This number will be unique to each individual. PAN will be helpful to track the tax payment status and financial transactions, investments and property details of every individual by the income Tax department of India.

How to download PAN card ?

Pan card is used for identification of various income taxpayers in India. The main purpose of the pan card is achieving universal identification of all tax payers. All they need to do these following steps,

  • Log on to
  • Applicants need to fill in details are name. Phone number, and email id on form that appears on the screen.
  • The applicant once submit the form the e-PAN CARD will be sent to them visa email PDF format then download the e-pan card form their mail

Pan Card Download Soft Copy

The PAN card will be blue in colour and Income tax department will be written in the top. You will find the PAN holder’s name, date of birth and signature in the card. You will also find the most important code that is the PAN number. As said before PAN number is a 10 digit alpha numeric number which can be divided in to 5 parts. The first 3 digit will be a random alphabet from AAA to ZZZ assigned by the Income Tax department. The 4th digit represents the type of the PAN holder. There are 6 types of PAN holder as per Income Tax department

  1. Individuals represented by letter P
  2. Companies represented by letter C
  3. Firms represented by letter F
  4. Associations represented by letter A
  5. Trusts represented by letter T
  6. Hindu Undivided Families represented by letter H

The 5th digit is also an alphabet which will be the first letter of the PAN holder’s name. The next 4 digits will be random numbers from 0001 to 9999 as assigned by the Income tax department and the last digit will be again an alphabet which is a check digit which will be calculated by applying a formula on the first 9 digits.

Significance of PAN

One must require PAN for numerous occasions such as opening a bank account, applying for any type of loans, Filling the Income Tax returns, Paying income tax, financial transactions beyond certain limit, buying or selling a property or car beyond certain limit, buying or selling mutual funds and shares. PAN card is also used as Proof of Identification in many non-financial circumstances like applying passports and Visa.

Eligibility for PAN

PAN is mandatory for all individuals who earn a taxable income through employment, business or by any means.  Not only individuals, but any private or public bodies like companies, firms, associations and trusts who involves in financial transactions to a limit where quoting PAN is mandatory. PAN is also mandatory for any foreign investors who like to invest in India.

How to Apply for PAN?

The process of Applying for PAN is made easy by Indian Government. One has to fill the PAN application form (Form 49A for Indian citizens and Form 49AA for Foreign Citizens) and submit it to Income Tax department of India with the mandatory documents and fee. The PAN application form will be available in authorized PAN facilitation centres of the district. One can also apply for PAN online through PAN Card Seva or NSDL Website (Thanks to Digital India).

Documents Required

The following Documents are mandatory for the PAN application.

  1. 2 recent passport size color photographs.
  2. proof of Identity
  3. Proof of Address
  4. Proof of Date of Birth

For Proof of Identity one can submit copy of Aadhar card or driving licence or voters card or passport or Arm’s licence or Ration card with the photograph of the applicant.

For Proof of Address on can submit copy of aadhar card or driving licence or voters card or passport or Electricity bill, gas bill, bank account statement or credit card statement, post office Pass book.

For proof of date of birth one can submit copy of Aadhar card or driving licence or voters card or passport or birth certificate or marriage certificate or mark sheets of 10th or 12th.

You can also check the NSDL document list for more details on documents to be submitted.

Fees for Applying PAN

Indian citizens have to pay a fee of Rs.105 to apply for a new pan card as processing fee.  Fees for foreign citizens is Rs.962. The fees can be paid directly to the authorized PAN facilitation centres either by Demand Draft (DD) or Cheque. If you are applying online, you can pay online through net banking or credit/debit card payment. You cannot pay through cash.

At present, PAN cards are dispatched to only a selected list of countries. To check for the list of countries you can visit this NSDL link

How to reapply lost/damaged PAN card or make correction in PAN card?

If you have lost you pan card or damaged your card or if you have to change your details in the pan card, you can apply of re issue of pan card. The process of Re applying or making corrections in the pan card are same as applying for the new pan card. But In addition to the above mentioned mandatory documents you have to submit the copy of the existing PAN card. Processing fees is same applying for a new PAN card.

Pan Card Download By name and Date Of Birth

To download pan card you have the procedure with some steps which will be simple and easy to follow. The e-pan card which you receive through online is just a physical one, because you didn’t get the original pan card directly, you get the original Pan Card through online. It is copy similar to the original proof.

  1. At first visit the official page of UTIITSL or NSDL by enter the website.
  2. Now you should click PAN card download option.
  3. Now you can enter all the details like name of the individual, like her/his date of birth with the correct letters and numbers
  4. After entering the full details without any mistake, enter the security code or the captcha code displayed on the computer screen.
  5. Now click on the submit button .now you should get the directly redirects to the pan card page.
  6. At finally you should get the e-PAN card will be PDF format, where you can easily download and take a print out of it